Peace processes in community conflicts: From understanding the roots of conflicts to conflict resolution

The aim of this EU funded project has been to investigate and help European decision makers understand the origins and causes of conflicts currently taking place in Europe, and evaluate their developments, as some of them may interfere with, and even threaten, the standards of democracy the European Union seeks to promote. In order to do so, the PEACE-COM project has studied community conflicts drawn from the range of possible types inside the European Union and in its vicinity and the effects of accommodation policies or of Europeanisation on these conflicts. In the framework of the INTAS programme and beyond the PEACE-COM project the ICCR has organised a special meeting with researchers from the former Soviet Union to explore ways how to overcome the conflicts in this area.

Final Report INTAS
Publication: Liana Giorgi & Niki Rodousakis (eds). 2006. Special Issue: Community Conflicts in the Post-Soviet Era. Innovation: The European Journal of Social Science Research, Volume 19, Issue 3-4