Knowledge Politics and New Converging Technologies: A Social Science Perspective

The project has analysed the research trajectories and institutional settings of the new converging technologies paradigm.

The aim of WP1 was to provide a coherent historical narrative and overview of the overall research trajectories of the NBIC fields, i.e. nanotechnology, biotechnology, information science and cognitive science, and of their interfaces in technological convergence. The work for WP1 focused on the institutional settings in which converging technologies have been and are pursued and promoted, the ideology behind the convergence paradigm and its interfaces with research programming/funding, and the actual level of convergence. The historical and sociological analysis of this emerging field was informed by reviews of already existing literature, textual analyses of policy documents, and interviews with directors of research programmes and funding policy, as well as scientists engaging in NBIC / converging technologies research in the Austria, France, Germany, Israel, Poland, the UK, at the EU-level, as well as in Russia, China, Australia and the U.S.
By identifying and analysing literature that has played or is playing a significant role in capturing, defining and describing the processes of convergence amongst key scientific fields in particular national and transnational contexts, the consortium has established a robust narrative of the emergence of ‘converging technologies’.

Report: Research trajectories and institutional settings of new converging technologies
Converging Technologies – What Future?

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