Health Matters: A Social Science and Ethnographic Study of Patient and Professional Involvement in the Governance of Converging Technologies in Medicine

The HealthGovMatters project was a EU funded collaborative research project. It was undertaken by a consortium of four institutions – Zeppelin University in Germany, the ICCR Foundation in Austria, and Goldsmiths’ College in the United Kingdom. Over the course of three years, the researchers used rich social science and ethnographic methods, including textual analysis, interviews, and participant observation to explore the ways in which patients, family members, health professionals and researchers engage with the development, implementation and governance of predictive, diagnostic and therapeutic technologies and related medical knowledge.

Final Report
Publication: Vadrot, Alice (2012): ‘Rather a Manager and Networker than a Researcher’: Converging Technologies in the Clinic, in: Innovation – The European Journal of Social Science Research, Vol. 26, Issue No. 3