Bridge2Turkey V2 BRIDGE2TURKEY

Informing the Turkish Economy on Sector Specific Chapters of the Acquis Communautaire


Jointly with the Izmir Chamber of Commerce the ICCR prepared and organised information workshops for local entrepreneurs. The Bridge2Turkey project aims to enhance the capacity of SMEs and NGOs in the Aegean Region of Turkey to prepare for the implementation of the Acquis Communautaire on Food Safety, Regional, Transportation and Competition policies. This will be achieved by creating a bridge between European experts and the Aegean region for the transfer of knowledge and expertise and by giving the necessary training on the implementation of the Acquis.

In the framework of the Bridge2Turkey project five specific seminars for the officials and members of the Chambers of Commerce, universities, NGOs and SMEs were organized.

Approximately 1’000 participants participated in the project. The Izmir Chamber of Commerce has strengthend its own capacity to become a source of knowledge and information on the Acquis and thus became a center for the transfer of knowledge to all the SMEs in Turkey. The dissemination activities will included the publication of the seminars’ notes and key reference documents.

Project Partners :
Izmir Chamber of Commerce (Coordinator)