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The European Association and its research institute The Interdisciplinary Research Centre ICCR is a not-for-profit research organisation created in 1989. It took over the research activity of the former ICCR and its staff in 2017 as the ICCR Foundation has decided to concentrate on various event organisation and is based on funds contributed by the Federation of the Construction Industry of the Austrian Chamber of Commerce and the City of Vienna. It is an independent, international, non-profit research institute specialized in strategic policy analysis. For its research, the European Association employs applied, multi-disciplinary and comparative approaches, with Europe defining the geographical scope. Based in Vienna, Austria its scope of activities covers the whole of Europe and beyond. Among the clients of the EA and the former ICCR are the European Commission, Austrian authorities, Austrian Research Funds, and the Deutscher Bundestag (TAB).

The European Association was involved in European projects since its early beginnings. The EA took over another social science research centre, ICCR Foundation that has existed for more than 25 years with a focus on sustainability. It was involved in international research since the 3rd European Framework Programme on Research and Development.

Recent Projects include

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Am 10. September veranstaltet die Europäische Weltraumagentur in 22 Ländern ein Bürgerinnen- und Bürgerforum, dessen Ergebnisse in Form eines gesamteuropäischen Berichts Einfluss auf das Raumfahrtprogramm nehmen können. Die ICCR Foundation ist für die Durchführung verantwortlich. mehr Information

„Citizens’ debate on Space for Europe“ is an event organised jointly with the European Space Agency and Missions Publiques. ICCR will organize the event in Austria. The results and citizens’ views and proposals might help the governments to prioritize programmes and to take decisions. …more

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European Liberal Forum

On behalf of the European Liberal Forum a consortium of FORES, Sweden, Friedrich-Naumann Stiftung and ICCR (for NEOS Lab) looks at sustainable transport with a focus on energy security. Reducing EU’s dependency on imported energy sources would have clear positive security implications, in line with already established EU policy and potentially of great importance to reach EUs climate targets. The sector that uses the most imported fossil energy is the transports sector.
In a policy oriented follow-up project of the recently finalised project ”Europe’s Energy Future”, FORES and its partners on behalf of the European Liberal Forum will focus on the relation between energy security and climate by concentrating on the transport sector. The project looks at alternative fuels and alternative transport systems.

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On the urban, regional, national and European levels citizens’ participation got since an ever increasing attention in public opinion and in the social sciences. With the development of modern ICTs online participation became more and more popular. One could argue that this development has led to a new quality of political participation.
On behalf of NEXUS ICCR will contribute to the organisation of a major event on the coordination between on-line and off-line participation in Brussels. Political participation is not a new issue in the social sciences, nor is it “policy innovation” in a strict sense. Politics and policies always had an impact of the quality of life of the citizens and those who felt disadvantaged did voice their protest. … more